20 Top Cities For Cycling Around The World

Cycling is very popular around the world. In the map above, you can find 20 of the highest ranked cities for cycling all around the world. Most of these locations are located within Europe. This could be due to the fact that Europe has many countries with beautiful scenery.  France, Netherlands, Spain, and Germany each have three locations for best biking locations. That is 12 of the 20 locations total in just four European countries.

What many people may find odd is that the United States was nowhere to be seen on the list. The United States claims to be very progressive in their lifestyles. However, in many countries, Americans are viewed as very lazy. Practically every household owns at least one car. The United States is also extremely industrialized and full of infrastructure that takes up tons of land. Therefore, the bike routes as seen in the city of Chicago, are very limited.

Along with the United States, neither Africa nor Australia have any cities on the list. There are many factors as to why that is. Ultimately, it is up to cyclists as to which city to bike in so the statistics can change if the popularity of cycling emerges in other cities.


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