Lewis University 1994 vs. 2018

Click on the Link for an Interactive Image to 1994 vs. 2018 Images

Lewis University is located in Romeoville, Illinois. It is a private Roman Catholic and Lasallian university with an enrollment of only 6,800 students at the moment in 2019. With less than 7,000 students, Lewis offers more than 80 undergraduate majors and programs of study, 22 graduate programs, and accelerated programs for working adults.

As shown in the images and the link above, the changes from 1994 to 2018 with Lewis University’s buildings is drastic. Lewis University was actually founded way back in 1932. However, the major visual changes occurred in the past couple decades which we can see in the images above. The university was first named the Holy Name Technical School and it was a school for boys with an enrollment of only 15 students. Yet with only 15 students, the school is based on a campus of 170 acres of farmland.

Lewis University is known for it’s aviation courses. It has become the origin of today’s well-known Department of Aviation and Transportation Studies. In the 1960s the school’s enrollment was rapidly increasing, reaching 2,000 students by 1970. To keep up with the larger student body, a major construction program occurred that added new classrooms, laboratories, residence halls, the Learning Resource Center, a gymnasium, and a modern aviation technical center to the campus. This all can be seen in the first image from 1994. However, imagine how the school looked prior to this construction.

From 2004-2016, the most renovations and construction occurred. The university now consists of six residence halls, an extra 40 acres of land, 25,000 sq. ft. nursing buildings, 26,000 sq. ft. student center, and many more renovations. The Board of Trustees approved a master plan in 2013 to further expand the University’s physical setting in the coming decades.

(source: https://www.lewisu.edu/welcome/history.htm)

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