Average NBA Attendance Per Team By Ranking (2018-19)

Chart of Average NBA Attendance (2018-19 Season)

According to an official release by the National Basketball Association, the 2017-18 regular NBA season marked the fourth consecutive season for all-time records of total attendance rates. This year after year attendance breaking record made it seem as if the 2018-19 year would also be record breaking in attendance.

Focusing specifically on the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons, we can see that the average attendance rate has declined. This season the attendance rate is at an average of 17,742 per game. There’s still an average of 16 games left per team during this regular season.

Last season, the NBA marked the highest average regular season attendance rate which was at 17,987 per game. This new record high marked the first season in which the league attendance was at minimum 95 percent arena capacity. This could have something to do with the new discounts the NBA has been offering to students for last minute tickets.

However, the question is, why is the average attendance rate this season not as high as last year? Well, there are still a few regular season games left, will that bring the average any higher so to surpass last seasons record? Maybe more people will attend the closer we get to playoffs.

With this decline in average attendance rates, it is evident that the next few games before the playoffs are critical for the yearly record to keep increasing, especially since it is only off by a couple hundred numbers.



Source: http://www.nba.com/article/2018/04/12/nba-breaks-attendance-record-fourth-straight-year

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